Saturday, August 29, 2009

D & D Diagnosiss

I have a health condition. There I said it! I call it D & D for short, but the actual diagnosis is termed Deepth and Depth. The condition can be quite debilitating at times and interrupt my normal life pattern and schedule, but I am trying to cope with the symptoms as best as I can. At this time there is no known cure, but there are studies being conducted to see what causes it and if there is any remedy.

It has affected my family and friends and at times my condition is so bad that they can't help but be brought to tears by it. I do all I can in and of myself to not have them bear this burden with me, but at times I have outbursts and there is nothing I can do for them or for me. They are very patient with me during these times and the bonds that we are forming because of it are indescribable!

It wasn't as noticeable in my youth, but as I mature it has taken a more frequent role in my daily life. It seems to be accentuated by lack of sleep, hectic schedules and my darling children. (Bless their hearts! They are not only witnesses to this, but are part of the cause.)

What is it exactly? It is more commonly known as blunders in speech or tongue twists. Yes, I am a language blunderer. I say things like deepth and depth when I mean to say deep and depth. I say parking spices and I mean parking spaces. I read signs as Belt-One when it is written as Beltone Hearing Aids and is pronounced Bell-Tone. I ask my husband if our cat Jazz is petting him, when I truly mean to ask if he is petting her. I have slip ups more often then I care to remember or be reminded of.

But I do have a good support group of friends and family that are there for me during these times to console and cry with me. (Although the tears are usually from laughter at my condition, I still choose to accept it as support.) It is also comforting to know that I am not in this alone. At times the condition can be contagious and it affects others around me. And when it does, I return the same love, compassion and support that I receive from them ten-fold! After all, what are friends for?!