Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Home Court Advantage

My husband complained (after reading my new post about Big Mike and resting) that I am no longer talking about our family; except in the context of being pet owners. I assured him that I saw our family as much more than that. But with home-schooling, taking care of the house, making dinner and supper, (supper is a southern term for a northerners 'dinner') running errands and now coaching my son's basketball team, I was posting rather simple texts and saving the more in depth ones for when I had a few "extra" moments to spare.

(Although, I will note that I have posted on my other blog a couple of times.)

As I mentioned, I am coaching my son's basketball team this year. It is my first expedition into this realm of his world. I've had a desire to coach his team for many years, but never the time. With our new family 'lifestyle' I am able to fulfill this dream (not quite sure he would label it as a dream fulfilled.)

The decision to coach his team was not one I took lightly. Since becoming home schooled this year, it would mean that I was not only his mother and his teacher, but I would be his coach as well. In trying to be the mother I have not had the opportunity to be for many years (due to work and school) I did not want to overwhelm or smother him with my presence in every aspect of his life. He is 12 and well... if you are a parent of a child entering this age, you understand that they are beginning to stretch their wings in search of their independence.

After several weeks of prayer and talking with family, friends and Studly, I decided to step into the adventure of coaching a 10 - 11 year old boys city league basketball team. (Yes I did type 10 - 11 yr olds. Studly's birthday is after the cut off date of Sept 1st so he had to remain with this age group.) But all of the hurdles were not "crossed" as of yet. Although I had the support of my son and family, I still had yet to meet 'the rest of the boys'.

I begged and pleaded and petitioned God not to administer any additional "tests" of my maximum level of patience with this team. If He could just find a way to give me a group of mild mannered young boys who would follow instructions (the first time) and work together as a team I would be ever so grateful! (And trust me...the boys would too. My red hair may be getting a bit lighter, but the attitude is still in full swing.)

Hallelujah! And Praise be to Jesus! He answered my prayer! I have held six practices to date and what a wonderful group of young men I have on my team. Perfect ball players, no. Perfect attitudes the whole time, almost! These young men are making my first coaching experience delightful and extremely entertaining.

My husband has pitched in during the practices and this has been a huge blessing as well. We are shaping up to have a good team; with definite potential of having a great team on the horizon.


  1. Glad to hear things are going well with the coaching and the team. Can't wait for the games to begin!!!

  2. Maybe you should consider coaching as a new career change. Although it might put a crimp in your homeschooling. I dont know? Since you're calling him studley is stutter his dad's name (rofl). Just joking..

  3. Lol! That is definitely a possibility Tammy! I will keep that one in mind! :)