Sunday, January 17, 2010

Much Needed Rest (I suppose)

It seems as if my family has decided to support the growth and development of the newest member of our household fully and completely. If he needs rest, they will rest. By golly, they will give this cat their all in all; no matter how many hours they must endure in slumber.

Day or night they will hold slumbering vigil over this young life. No spot too dangerous, (cept for the cat in this one) no couch left without drool.

Even grandma has taken up the call of duty. Of course, grandma remained alert. For she was not only "cat napping", but teaching pre-algebra as well.

Ahhhh, the hardships of raising such a precious new creation. I am so proud of my children for not relenting on their share of the duties. They have stood up to the task of making sure Big Mike gets peaceful sleep.

He is guarded well. He is kept safe from all awake and alert persons (mom) and sheltered in loving arms. What a tiresome duty it must be for them.

Sleep well my precious family! For I love you all dearly!


  1. He has adapted well to his new home. He sure is precious. Can't wait to meet him :)

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  3. Really good shots of the family!! Boy does the cat have full reign or what!?
    I am sure grandma appreciates the good picture(and not the bad one) being posted.
    Now I wonder is mom really the only one that stays awake and never slumbers with the cat?
    I will have to talk to the man about that one!
    = - )

  4. This post made me laugh out loud!!! You are so clever and funny.

    And, yes, Big Mike is well taken care of.


  5. He is definitely a huge source of smiles in our family! We could not imagine life without him! Thanks guys/gals!