Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Fifteen is my magic number today.

We only have fifteen days of school remaining!  

I am counting down, as are my kids, until the final day.  We have enjoyed this oasis of time together, but I finally understand how every school teacher in America feels right about now.  Summer can't come quick enough.  Will I embark on the home-schooling journey again next year?  Still in prayer for now.  But I would do this year over and over again to have the relationship I now have with my kids. 

"Fifteen, fifteen you're our man... If you can't do it fourteen can!"   

(And so on and so forth until we reach none!) 

(The look I receive when I sing 'my' version of a song.)


  1. Since I am sitting here next to you and speaking my comments as they come to mind I have nothing left to comment.


    stop rubbing it in since we don't finish till late June. And, real homeschoolers don't quit till well into summer.

    Trust me on this. No one likes a quitter.


  2. Girls, you just think you have been through an experience! Now you have just a taste of what a classroom teacher deals with on a daily basis. From experience, the longer a classroom teacher has taught the more they count the days!!!! I had a principal that counted down from the very beginning of school. Of course, it would include days to a certain holiday along with it!!! =')
    Loving it!

  3. By the way, love the pic of the week and the new look on your blog!

  4. Mary- Thank you for all of your help this year!!! You have been a life saver, literally... I was about to explode with stress! :)

    Bridge- Thank you for letting me whine and cry and fuss day after day through this process. Thank you for extending your wisdom, even when you knew it would be difficult for me to hear.

    You are both the best!!!