Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Home-Schooling 101

We are entering another milestone in our venture at home-schooling this year.  The kids will be taking their state tests on Friday.  Yes, I did say state tests for home-schooling.  The program I chose to use is K12, but it is not the private purchase program, it is the public school program at home through the state you reside in.

The curriculum is sent to us and we are required to follow all state laws concerning time spent in the classroom (i.e. dinner table), with some flexibility on what time of day and what days you take off.  Naturally, we can not take off whenever we want, but we do have the freedom to make the work up on a weekend or double up on a particular subject for a few days.  

To make a long story short, we have to travel six hours to the mandated testing site.  Therefore, we are leaving the night before and staying in a hotel.  The kids are delighted by this due to the hotel having an indoor swimming pool.  My children are part 'tadpole' and consequently need large amounts of swimming opportunities. 

I am grateful for the pool, since my kids will undoubtedly sleep better after wearing off a few hours of nervous energy.  I, of course, will sleep fitfully worrying about getting to the school testing site on time the following morning.  I'm typically not a 'morning person'.  My preference is to sleep in and stay up late.  This is probably the reason we start school at 8:45am (me still in my pj's most days) instead of the standard 8:00am.

So, another chapter will close in this venture Friday.  We will then (im)patiently wait for the final day of school (May 21st).  When the bell will ring (momma shouting hallelujah) and the kids will sigh with relief.  For we will have survived 'home-schooling 101'. 

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