Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lesson #22: Time Well Spent

Yesterday we experienced a warm summer rain all day long.  The skies were gray and the intensity of the rain varied by the hour.  It was the perfect occasion to curl up on the couch and watch a favorite movie, or dive into a book that had been left to gather dust, until such a day. 

I chose to do the first. 

I had borrowed a couple Jane Austin movies from my dear friend and decided to take a trip back in time.

My kids were anxious to snuggle under blankets and engage in the seldom practiced art of 'a lazy day'. But after one very long hour (for them) they became restless and needed to move about.  I did not allow their lack of endurance to sway me, and I continued to persevere.  

Baby girl took to listening to her Ipod on the front porch while sticking her toes under the waterfall of rain pouring down from our roof.   Studly decided to engage his mind in a battle of Kingdom Hearts on his game system. 

Every few minutes Baby girl would try and convince me that a game of cards or coloring would suit the day much more adequately.  I tried not to let her pleas distract me from the task at hand.  And I was very successful for several hours. 

Soon the movies ended and the abundance of energy that had been pooling while I lay on the couch suddenly needed to be expended.   About the same time the rain decided to take a break and allowed me enough of a stretch to fire up the grill and cook some mouth-watering cheeseburgers.  We sat around the kitchen table savoring every bite as the sound of the rain began to patter against the windows once more. 

Bellies full and taste buds satisfied, we chose to break out the UNO cards.  Hubs, kids and I sat around the table for two hours more during this grueling crusade.  The stars were somehow tossed out of alignment though (due to all of the rain and wind I am assuming) because, oddly enough, my husband won the match. 


  1. No, no (as Bridget would say), your husband not only won the match...he spanked your tail! In fact, he spanked everyone's tail!

    Ooooowee, what up wit dat!