Friday, July 2, 2010

Lesson #44: Alarms (are the devil)

I am NOT a morning person.  To accuse me of such is slander in the worst possible form.  I will rise early when occasion calls for it, but I prefer a late night and a late sunup.  I will confess, I seem to get more accomplished when I allow my eyelids to break formation and wedge open enough to allow sunlight to weave its way into my consciousness 'prematurely'. 

As of late, I have been setting an alarm to rip me from peaceful slumber and announce that I have made a commitment to my very dear friend to walk with her at the '---- crack' of dawn.  (I admit there are people who leap out of bed a lot earlier than me to do far more noble deeds.  I salute you.)  But this has caused me a dilemma. 

When I wake my first thought is..."Is she crazy?!  She wants me to do what?!  I am perfectly happy with my fifteen extra pounds and continually decreasing lack of muscle tone.  Do I really have to slither off my bed and into the bathroom to 'freshen' up to walk 3 miles?"  The answer is invariably yes!

Do not misunderstand me.  I love working out and striving for a healthier lifestyle.  I do not, however,
enjoy beeping, blurting, song-playing, gentle nudging or any other form of tactic used to pry me from my pillow.  I prefer sleep.

So my dilemma is this... Do I throw the cell phone at the wall or out the window?  Because as brave as I think I am, I do not dare attempt throwing my friend!

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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have no words because I am still laughing!