Thursday, November 12, 2009

One Proud Momma

Bless my daughter's dear heart. She is playing basketball on a city league team for the first time. They played their fifth game tonight and lost by one point in the last seconds of the game. They have not won a game yet, although they have come close a few times.

Tonight, Baby girl, gave an amazing effort! She is one of the smallest girls on the court each game. She is not aggressive by nature and has a hard time practicing that on the court. But tonight she really played hard and was an affective player on the team. The very last quarter was extremely aggressive with fouls and free throws being given left and right. The last 5 minute quarter lasted 30 minutes!!! But in the end we lost the battle by one point.

Baby girl listened to the speech the coach gave them and then headed towards us. The closer she got the less she could control her emotions, and the tears began to flow. She and her team had fought a valiant fight and in the end the scoreboard said they had lost.

I quickly grabbed her and scooped her up in my arms. I hadn't expected this kind of reaction from her. She is compassionate about family and animals, but I just hadn't expected that compassion to leak over into the competitive realm as well. I did not realize how much this meant to her. It broke my heart to see her so torn up over this. I also felt a little bit (ok a lot) of pride in her. She gave everything she had out on that court... her blood, sweat and tears. She had given it all and left nothing to regret. I'm proud of her and wanted the world to know! (or at least those of you reading this)


  1. She is so precious! Her little (actually very BIG) heart is so good and full of life! Daddy is a proud "pops" too!

  2. What an awesome granddaughter I have!!!!! = ) She is so precious and what a great game she played last night. I love her enjoyment during the game, you know, the little dance moves, her skipping over to help her teammates. What a joy! She made us all proud!!

  3. Look at Baby Girl learning a 'life lesson'!!! Go Baby Girl!

  4. Lol Sophie... You are so right!