Friday, February 5, 2010

Escape from the 2010 Ice Age

In light of our circumstances (no electricity, no heat except for what a gas stove provided, no internet to do school work, and not knowing when things would be getting better) the kids and I departed from our home and ironically headed north to escape the effects of the winter ice storm.  My dear husband stayed behind to keep an eye on the home-front and make sure all needed repairs and 'fixes' were accomplished.

We set up 'homeschooling camp' in my brother's dining room and enjoyed the luxury of electricity once more.

Baby Girl started catching up on her reading...

...and helping her cousin play with toys.

My brother was able to prove that he is still taller and wiser than his nephew of 12.

Studly felt he needed to educate his 'old' uncle on the current happenings in the music industry... 

...and spend a little time hanging out with his cool and 'with it' aunt.

My niece had just spent a long hard day at school and swimming lessons and was re-energizing with some dinner I had prepared.  

My nephew and I spent some quality time bonding (he was playing with my zipper, NOT the other that you were thinking.) 

And of course, we round out the night with some high quality sword fighting (just for good measure.) 

All in all, the ice has been somewhat of a blessing.  We have spent more time with family and writing our own stories instead of watching them on tv.  Our adventure up north will continue until we resolve all ice storm issues back at the homestead.  


  1. looks like you guys are having a good time! I miss you all and can't wait to have you home again! I managed to steal someone else's wireless for a bit. Here's hoping the cable/internet gets connected soon! Love you all!

  2. These are some awesome pictures of you and family. It really makes me realize just how much I have missed you this past week! I was tearing up as I read the blog and looked as the cool pics. Can't wait for you to come home, too! It was great that you got to spend this time with the family up north though!!!